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James Sutherland the golden voice of 22 Strings

James Sutherland 22 Strings © 2018 P. Stathm, Simon P. Sutherland
James Sutherland lead singer of 22 Strings

In a Guardian article dated 7 April 1994, 22 Strings lead vocalist James Sutherland was described as having “a voice that drips melancholy“.

22 Strings was also described as having “plausible comparisons” to Elvis or Chris Isaak of which a majority of this sound was the result of James Sutherland’s golden voice.

During concerts his voice not only repeatedly turned heads, but it drew willing comparisons to the likes of music legend Roy Orbison. James’ voice often caused noisy music venues to suddenly grow silent.

The song “Hang Your Head Down” was described in the Guardian as being “a potential hit” and having a “delicious” hook line that was “instantly memorable”.

During the live sets James Sutherland’s voice drew people into the music while the flowing harmonies complimented the melodies. But these melodies and delicious hook lines were written for that voice.


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