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About 22 Strings

22 Stings Photograph by Karen McBride

22 Strings were a Manchester based band formed in 1991 by Simon Sutherland and James Sutherland. Throughout the early 1990’s the 5 piece band gained a reputation as a live act and became part of the Manchester Music Scene. Between 1993 – 1997 the band gained a following and local critical acclaim. They regularly played many legendary Manchester music venues such as The Night and Day Cafe, The Boardwalk and The Manchester RoadhouseBand on the Wall, and also Parr Hall and the now demolished Mean Fiddler, London and Middleton Civic Centre.

22 Strings in 1994 © 2018 Simon P. SutherlandDespite the bands live appearances and continuous recording activities, 22 Stings broke up in 1995 and became a popular duo and ended in 1997.

This site is dedicated to the band.

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